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Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Notes - Darasa la Nne - HISABATI - Sura Zote


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TIE (Tanzania Institute of Education)

The Importance of Mathematics in Daily Life


Mathematics is a fundamental part of human thought and logic, and integral to attempts at understanding the world and ourselves. Mathematics provides an effective way of building mental discipline and encourages logical reasoning and mental rigor. In addition, mathematical knowledge plays a crucial role in understanding the contents of other school subjects such as science, social studies, and even music and art.

Though many students sit in math class wondering when they’ll ever use these things they’re learning, we know there are many times their math skills will be needed in adulthood.

The Importance of Mathematics:


1. Mathematics is the pillar of organized life for the present day.

Without numbers and mathematical evidence, we cannot resolve any issues in our daily lives. There are times, measurements, rates, wages, tenders, discounts, claims, supplies, jobs, stocks, contracts, taxes, money exchange, consumption, etc., and in the absence of these sports data, we have to face confusion and chaos.


2. In scientific studies 

The conduct of studies and scientific research requires many skills in sports, which help in the development of studies and progress, for example, the study of physics or chemistry depends heavily on mathematics, including mathematical skills and mathematical matters, and lies the role of mathematics in the accuracy of conducting social research through the statistics branch.


3. In development of social values

It helps mathematics in the development and refinement of personality, through organization and accuracy, research and investigation and study, and helps to detect.

A great mathematician, Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi who created the theory of algebra and laws of arithmetic that helped develop modern science and technology.


4. Math promotes healthy brain function

“Use it or lose it.” We hear this said about many skills, and math is no exception.

Solving math problems and improving our math skills gives our brain a good workout. And it improves our cognitive skills over time. Many studies have shown that routinely practicing math keeps our brain healthy and functioning well.


5. Math improves problem-solving skills

At first, classic math problems like Johnny bringing home 42 watermelons and returning 13 of them can just seem a silly exercise. But all those math word problems our children solve really do improve their problem solving skills. Word problems teach kids how to pull out the important information and then manipulate it to find a solution.


6. In cultural development

Like other sciences, mathematics influences civilization's development.

Cultural development depends on the achievements of scientists and innovators, especially athletes. No one neglects the role of Arab and Muslim scientists in the development of civilizations.