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Friday, September 30, 2022

English - Solved Exam | Pre-Necta Mwanga Schools | Form Four 2020

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English Pre-National Exam with Answers (Marking Schemes) - Mwanga Schools (MWASSES) - Form Four 2020

Mwanga Secondary Schools Examinations Syndicate (MWASSES) 

Questions and Answers



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Studying towards Final Exams

Studying Makes You More Focused

You don’t have to be a science student or an engineer to know the importance of this benefit. At times, we tend to get so engrossed in our daily activities that studying gets pushed back on the priority list. Studying will help you focus on one thing at a time and give you the ability to stay on track. This ability is quite useful as it lets you focus on work and try to complete it perfectly.


Studying Makes You More Responsible

When you study and learn things, it makes you more responsible about your future. When you know the result of something depends on how well you do in your studies, it is quite obvious that everyone would want to do well in their exams. Self-motivation and your desire to achieve results make you more responsible for everything that happens in life.