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Sunday, February 20, 2022

Preposition Exercises with Answers


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We have Two Exercises with Answers

Number 1, Number 2 and Number 3


Preposition Exercises with Answers

QN 1. Complete the sentences with appropriate Prepositions:

  1. Government departments are accountable ______________ their spending.
  2. He is very active ______________ the scouting movement.
  3. She is very adaptable ______________ change.
  4. He is very adept ______________ making people feel at ease.
  5. We are afraid ______________ making him angry.
  6. She is anxious ______________ something happening to her children.
  7. He reconciled __________ his opponent.
  8. They were appreciative ______________ what we had done for them.
  9. Her dress was appropriate ______________ the occasion.
  10. He is not ashamed ______________ the bad things he has done.


  1. for
  2. in
  3. to
  4. at
  5. of
  6. about
  7. with
  8. of
  9. for
  10. of

QN 2. Fill in the blanks with appropriate Prepositions:

  1. The enemy is ______________ my door.
  2. He will come ______________ an hour.
  3. The boy takes ______________ his father.
  4. The building is ______________ construction.
  5. He fell dead ______________ my eyes.
  6. I was cautioned ______________ believing rumours.
  7. Children quarrel ______________ trivial matters.
  8. The refugees have encroached ______________ his land.
  9. I prevailed ______________ him to join the picnic.


  1. at
  2. after
  3. from
  4. under
  5. in front of
  6. against
  7. over
  8. upon
  9. on

QN 3. Choose the correct preposition given in brackets.

  1. Is she related (with/ to) you?
  2. They walked (in/ into) the room.
  3. He aimed his gun (at/ on) the robber.
  4. The cat is sitting (in/under)the table.
  5. He killed the snake (by/ with) a stick.


  1. Is she related to you?
  2. They walked into the room.
  3. He aimed his gun at the robber.
  4. The cat is sitting under the table.
  5. He killed the snake with a stick.


Preposition Exercises with Answers

QN 1: Fill in the correct prepositions

(i) Peter is playing tennis ________ Sunday.
(ii) My brother’s birthday is ________ the 5th of November.
(iii) My birthday is ________ May.
(iv) We are going to see my parents ________ the weekend.
(v) ________ 1666, a great fire broke out in London.
(vi) I don’t like walking alone in the streets ________ night.
(vii) What are you doing ________ the afternoon?
(viii) My friend has been living in Canada ________ two years.
(ix) I have been waiting for you ________ seven o’clock.
(x) I will have finished this essay ________ Friday.


(i) on
(ii) on
(iii) in
(iv) at
(v) In
(vi) at
(vii) in
(viii) for
(ix) since
(x) by

QN 2: Complete the exercise with the correct prepositions.

(i) Look ________ this painting.
(ii) ________ the painting, you can see a little girl.
(iii) So, it is a painting ________ a girl.
(iv) A famous painter painted it. So it is a painting ________ a famous painter.
(v) My grandma once owned the painting, but she gave it to me on my birthday.
So it is a picture ________ my grandma.


(i) at
(ii) In
(iii) of
(iv) by
(v) from


Preposition Exercise with no Answers

QN: Complete the exercise according to the picture.

Preposition Exercises for Class 7 CBSE With Answers

1. ________ the picture, I can see Santa Claus and a girl.

2. Santa is sitting ________ a chair.

3. The girl is standing ________ Santa.

4. Santa and the girl are looking ________ each other.

5. The girl has a present ________ her hands. the girl, there is a Christmas tree.

6. There are more presents ________ the tree.

7. Santa’s big bag is lying ________ the floor.