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Sunday, February 20, 2022

Article Exercises with Answers


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We have Three Exercises with Answers

Number 1, Number 2 and Number 3


Article Exercises with Answers

QN 1. Fill in the blanks with suitable articles:

  1. Wisdom is ______ great virtue.
  2. ______wisdom of Tenali Ram is quite famous.
  3. Shakespeare was ______ great dramatist.
  4. ______ milk used to make this ice-cream is of a pure quality.
  5. What ______ shame! You have beaten ______ innocent child.


  1. Wisdom is a great virtue.
  2. The wisdom of Tenali Ram is quite famous.
  3. Shakespeare was a great dramatist.
  4. The milk used to make this ice-cream is of a pure quality.
  5. What a shame! You have beaten an innocent child.

QN 2. Fill in the blanks with ‘a’, ‘an’ or ‘the’.

  1. Here is __________ pen that you have been looking for.
  2. __________ industrial fair was inaugurated in __________ city.
  3. _________ moon was not visible in ____________ sky.
  4. Would you show me __________ letter you have received?
  5. Please get me _________ cake from the bakery.
  6. __________ more you read, __________ more you know.
  7. __________ sun rises in __________ east and sets in __________ west.
  8. __________ fox is __________ very clever animal.
  9. I read __________ interesting story in __________ Bible.
  10. __________ stone hit him on __________ head.


  1. the
  2. An, the
  3. The, the
  4. the
  5. a
  6. The, the
  7. The, the, the
  8. The, a
  9. an, the
  10. A, the

QN 3. Insert ‘a’, ‘an’ or ‘the’ wherever necessary:

  1. I did not enjoy dinner he gave me.
  2. They were first to reach station.
  3. Sooner it is done, better it will be.
  4. I met him year ago at home of richest man of town.
  5. Black and white cow is for sale.
  6. Child was looking at pictures when there was knock at door.
  7. Last Sunday I went to school to see old teacher of mine.
  8. There is bag lying on back seat of car.
  9. She is artist married to European engineer.
  10. One-eyed man cannot get driving licence.


  1. I did not enjoy the dinner he gave me.
  2. They were the first to reach the station.
  3. The sooner it is done, the better it will be.
  4. I met him a year ago at the home of the richest man of the town.
  5. The black and white cow is for sale.
  6. The child was looking at the pictures when there was a knock at the door.
  7. Last Sunday I went to school to see an old teacher of mine.
  8. There is a bag lying on the back seat of the car.
  9. She is an artist married to a European engineer.
  10. A one-eyed man cannot get a driving license.


Article Exercises with Answers

QN 1Fill in the blanks with the where necessary.

1. The table was made of ………. wood.
2. ………. water in that pot is not fit for drinking.
3. ………. sweets we took after meals were tasty.
4. When do you have ………. breakfast ?
5. Are you attending ………. dinner tonight ?
6. Why do we wear ………. clothes ?


1. × (No article)
2. The
3. The
4. × (No article)
5. the
6. × (No article)


QN 2Fill in the blanks with a or an.

1. ………. man and ………. woman were sitting opposite me.
2. During our holiday, we stayed at ………. hotel.
3. For our dinner, we went to ………. restaurant.
4. As it was raining. I took ………. umbrella.
5. On the way, I saw ………. elephant.
6. I am ………. Indian whereas you are ………. Chinese.


1. a, a
2. a
3. a
4. an
5. an
6. an, a



Article Exercises with no Answers

QN 1: Read the following passage. Write the correct article in each blank space. If no article is needed, leave the space blank. The first one has been done for you.

John lives in an apartment with his mom, dad and sister Katy. _____________ apartment has three bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and living room. John’s mom works in _____________ office and his dad stays at home and looks after _____________ apartment. He spends much of his time in _____________ kitchen, preparing meals. John and Katy help their dad with _____________ housework. John likes using _____________ vacuum cleaner and Katy likes to sweep _____________ floor. Dad gives John and Katy money when they help him. They usually spend their money on _____________ computer games!

QN 2Fill in the correct article (A, AN or THE) where necessary – or leave blank.

1. _____________ modern life is stressful.
2. What’s _____________ capital of your country?
3. _____________ doctor earns more than _____________ teacher.
4. Do you know who invented _____________ computer?
5. Have you seen _____________ newspaper? I can’t find it anywhere.
6. Is this _____________ first time you’ve stayed at _____________ Hilton?
7. Is the Nile _____________ longest river on _____________ Earth?
8. Several million visitors _____________ year are attracted to _____________ ski slopes of _____________ Alps.
9. I’ll meet you outside _____________ post office. I’ll be there in _____________ quarter or _____________ hour.
10. _____________ young people tend to think that _____________ life was more difficult in _____________ past.