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Thursday, February 17, 2022

Adverb Exercises with Answers


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We have Two Exercises with Answers

Number 1 and Number 2


Adverb Exercise with Answers

QN 1. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of adverbs in the brackets:

  1. The new boy in class swims ________________ than I do. (fast)
  2. The bus will leave at 6.00 a.m. Can you come ________________? (early)
  3. It’s very noisy. We have to talk ________________. (loudly)
  4. He tried to solve the mathematical problems ________________ (patiently) than his classmates.
  5. The ballet dancer danced ________________ (gracefully) of all.
  6. The visitors stayed at the hotel ________________ (long) than expected.
  7. We could not walk any ________________ (far) as we were tired and hungry.
  8. Since you have done all your revision, I am sure you will answer the questions ________________ (confidently) than you did last year.


  1. faster
  2. earlier
  3. more loudly
  4. more patiently
  5. the most gracefully
  6. longer
  7. farther/further
  8. more confidently

QN 2. Fill in with the correct adverbs:

  1. You will begin this work ___________.
  2. I go for a walk ___________ times a week.
  3. Drive a little ___________.
  4. You are not feeling ___________.
  5. She ___________ comes to see us.
  6. It was ___________ cold yesterday.
  7. Your answer has been written very ___________.
  8. I ___________ had my lunch.
  9. I get up ___________ in the morning.
  10. Behave with your elders ___________.


  1. soon
  2. five
  3. slow
  4. well
  5. rarely
  6. very
  7. nicely
  8. already
  9. early
  10. properly

QN 3. Identify the Adverb and state its type:

  1. He always spoke the truth.
  2. Charlie, you can sit down.
  3. He often comes here.
  4. I shall see you soon.
  5. Never do it again.
  6. My mother visits her daily.
  7. We reached school late.
  8. The rose smells sweet.
  9. The horse galloped away.
  10. They went inside the room.


  1. Always — Adverb of number
  2. Down — Adverb of place
  3. Often — Adverb of number
  4. Soon — Adverb of time
  5. Again — Adverb of number
  6. Daily — Adverb of time
  7. Late — Adverb of time
  8. Sweet — Adverb of manner
  9. Away — Adverb of place
  10. Inside — Adverb of place

QN 4. Fill in the blanks with suitable Adverbs from the list given below:

fast, much, very, frequently, before, soon, never, here, soundly, all

  1. They visit us __________.
  2. He ___________ tells a lie.
  3. It is a ___________ cold day.
  4. You are __________ better now.
  5. I had heard this __________.


  1. frequently
  2. never
  3. very
  4. much
  5. before


Adverb Exercise with Answers

Underline the adverbs in the following sentences and state their kind.

1. I went to the market in the morning.

2. The dog sat lazily in the shade of the tree.

3. The man grumbled loudly while cleaning the table.

4. I often visit my grandparents.

5. It is extremely hot today.

6. Please wait patiently.

7. The technician fixed the problem easily.

8. They serve hot pan cakes there.

9. I am waiting here for my daughter.

10. He laughed merrily.

11. We will leave today.

12. She is standing outside.


1. I went to the market in the morning. (Adverb of time)

2. The dog sat lazily in the shade of the tree. (Adverb of manner)

3. The man grumbled loudly while cleaning the table. (Adverb of manner)

4. I often visit my grandparents. (Adverb of frequency)

5. It is extremely hot today. (Adverb of degree)

6. Please wait patiently. (Adverb of manner)

7. The technician fixed the problem easily. (Adverb of manner)

8. They serve hot pan cakes there. (Adverb of place)

9. I am waiting here for my daughter. (Adverb of place)

10. He laughed merrily. (Adverb of manner)

11. We will leave today. (Adverb of time)

12. She is standing outside. (Adverb of place)